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Como representante oficial da Garlock, trazemos vídeos que trasmitem bem a dimensão da empresa para o mundo e a qualidade dos seus produtos.

GYLON EPIX® New Family of PTFE Gaskets

The Next Generation in PTFE Gasketing GYLON EPIX™ is a newly developed family of PTFE gaskets. It is manufactured using a patented, profiled surface based on our proven Fawn, Off-White, and Blue GYLON® to create highly conformable materials for optimum sealing performance.

Garlock - Promoting Safety Through Quality Products Garlock - Promoting Safety Through Quality Products

The Garlock family of companies is committed to promoting a worldwide culture of safety, as it is the most important part of who we are. Our newest safety video showcases the value behind using thoroughly tested and carefully engineered products to keep your workers safe.

Protecting Equipment with Garlock Bearing Isolators Protecting Equipment with Garlock Bearing Isolators

Klozure® bearing isolators from the Garlock family of companies provide exceptional bearing protecting and safety in harsh, caustic and demanding environments. These non-contacting bearing isolators feature a labyrinth system designed to prevent contamination and expel shavings, lubricants and other materials while ensuring a dependable seal. Klozure® bearing isolators are available in a wide range of materials.

Safety is Our Number One Concern

Matt's job is to make sure the plant he works at is safe and secure. Safety is the driving force behind everything he does and that's why he trusts Garlock for his industrial seals.

Safety: The Reason Dan Relies on Garlock

Garlock provides peace of mind and reassurance for people who work in the industrial processing industry around the globe. Single Dads like Dan rely on Garlock seals because of the outstanding track record, especially when it comes to safety.

Garlock Global Presence

Garlock is committed to safety and quality all over the world. With locations throughout the globe, we're always close to you.